January 6, 2020


GroupGets is a Crowd Purchasing Platform and e-commerce site for technology products. The Platform democratizes access to high minimum order quantity goods and eases production funding friction for businesses via its zero-risk preorder process. GroupGets transacts millions annually in hardware production and sales to over 60 countries. Additionally, an opportunistic developer of high-margin electronics based on market intelligence from the Platform, GroupGets manufactures in Reno and ships to acclaimed companies and research institutions worldwide. A Premier Partner of FLIR Systems, GroupGets is also an internationally recognized leader in compact thermal imaging innovation and distribution

Group buying enables like-minded engineers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and anyone else to to band together and unlock products and discounts that are ordinarily held behind high minimum order quantities.

GroupGets takes care of the vetting, fund collection, purchasing, and shipping. All you have to do is create or join a campaign.

Visit: https://groupgets.com/