January 6, 2020

Lift Workspace

The Lift Workspace is located in Truckee California, just off highway 267 and between Interstate 80. It’s along the way to Lake Tahoe. Besides being easy to find, The Lift Coworking is also in an excellent location because of its surroundings.

You can easily bike to work and ski at the nearby Northstar ski resort. You’ll also appreciate the scenery. When your eyes are tired from staring at the computer, you can easily refresh them with a quick look outside the window. You’ll be rewarded with a top notch view that includes the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the ski resort, as well as the Gratis Valley below.

Lift Coworking also has a friendly tech-oriented community that features both individual developers working remotely as well as entire start-ups. The coworking space has a casual vibe with many members choosing to exercise together during lunch breaks or after work.

Some great amenities are also included with your membership. These include 24-hour access, unlimited use of private conference rooms, being dog-friendly, standard office supplies, a kitchenette, and more.

Visit: https://www.liftworkspace.com/