Crytica Security

Crytica’s mission is to detect cyberattacks from known and unknown threats in their tracks, alerting security professionals to new potential attacks in near real time. Our solution embodies a different approach to identifying cyberthreats, employing a number of proven and tested technologies in new and innovative ways to deliver unprecedented results. Visit:


In 2012, MyVR co-founders Jonathan Murray and Michael Stachowiak were lamenting how difficult it was to manage their vacation rental properties while working full-time jobs. While there appeared to be dozens of legacy software solutions for larger professional property managers, they saw nothing targeting the small property manager or individual owner — and among those […]


Rehearsal is a video-based practice platform used to improve selling and communication skills. Visit: Careers:


Talage helps small business in all 50 states to shop for Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and Property insurance quickly and easily. Talage is connect directly via API to top-rated insurance carriers, giving consumers real quotes instantly they can buy online. Visit: Careers:

Iris Automation

Iris Automation is an artificial intelligence and safety avionics company building collision-avoidance systems for autonomous vehicles. By enabling UAS to fly BVLOS, Iris is the critical missing piece that takes commercial drone operations from a pilot project to a practical, scalable solution. Visit: Careers:


With complete support for the entire deployment lifecycle, Alchemy specializes in Workday solutions and brings new perspectives and collaboration opportunities to Higher Education campuses. Its focuses are on business efficiency, automated productivity tools, and optimizing and managing the Workday environment. Visit: Careers: