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Executive Offices, Office Suites, Co-Working, Open Space, Creative, Warehouse, Storage, Studio, Sport Court, Meeting, Gathering, and Flex Space available on flexible terms; including month to month and short term. Great for anyone who has unique space needs requiring flexibility. Visit: https://flexspacenv.com/


SureClinical designs, develops, and delivers health sciences cloud software solutions worldwide. Visit: http://www.sureclinical.com/

Sark Tank

The Sark Tank brought to you by RNOX – the leading tech accelerator in Northern Nevada. Follow our podcast on your platform of choice below:


MessageDesk is a cloud-based proprietary software-as-a-service (SaaS) business text messaging application. MessageDesk provides conversational, collaborative messaging that seamlessly integrates with all aspects of business service, sales, and support. MessageDesk text messaging tools enable companies to simply and easily send invoices, schedule appointments, send reminders, and carry on conversations. Link: https://messagedesk.com/ Careers: https://messagedesk.com/connect/

Crytica Security

Crytica’s mission is to detect cyberattacks from known and unknown threats in their tracks, alerting security professionals to new potential attacks in near real time. Our solution embodies a different approach to identifying cyberthreats, employing a number of proven and tested technologies in new and innovative ways to deliver unprecedented results. Visit: https://cryticasecurity.com


The Cycle Platform™ enables businesses to simplify container orchestration and infrastructure management. With a SaaS-managed operating system built specifically for containers, Cycle™ becomes the bridge between you and your infrastructure. Simplify the stack and gain the benefits of your own private cloud that spans multiple providers. No outrageous costs. Get started in minutes. Visit: https://cycle.io […]

The Road from Santa Barbara to Reno

Reno wasn’t on the radar for Breadware, an internet of Things (ioT) product development company that builds smart, connected products…until it was. They got their start in an unconventional way—living and working out of a mansion in Santa Barbara, CA. More on that in just a bit. Reno was calling via an angel, in this […]

Breaking Through the Ice in Reno

Perry Rosenstein, the co-founder of new tech startup Icebreaker, has the advantage of being able to live anywhere in the world as his business is digital. Where does he choose to live? Reno, Nevada.  Rosenstein moved to Reno about a year ago. Previously, he co-founded a successful startup app, Hustle, which has helped hundreds of […]

Betting on Reno and Winng

After living in the fast-paced Bay Area for six years, Elizabeth Redmond, CEO and co-founder of CoWorkr, an IoT company that builds sensors and software to analyze how people use their workspace, started exploring other places to live that could potentially provide a better quality of life. Redmond and her husband asked themselves the question, […]

Reno: A Vibrant and Thriving Technology Ecosystem

Reno, Nevada is positioning itself as a top-notch tech hub and was recently named one of the best places to live by US News & World Report. In 2018, Reno-Sparks added over 2,000 new jobs as the result of 29 new and expanding companies. According to the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), tech […]